“Universal Creativity,
Flow through me,
From my heart
Through my mind to my hand,
Infuse my work with spirit
To feed hungry souls.”

artist’s prayer | alex grey


Through art we can express what we cannot express with words.
It can be a more direct way to communicate – with your own higher Self,
as well as with those people, who are willing and able to stop and listen.


Happy Birthday

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For a beloved friend, who got hit by a circus tent – while he was helping to put it up READ MORE

Letting Go

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’til nothing is left. No-thing is left. So what is that no thing? There is one definition for nothing as ‘an inanimate material object as distinct from a living sentient being.’ That means... READ MORE

One sound to rule them all…

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Sometimes everything is too much: It drops, drips, drums, screeches, bleches, squeeks, rumbles, smashes, bangs, …. noise is invasive, it does not take deference to anything or anyone. It everywhere, even in quiet... READ MORE