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Charity Case

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…. in the german translation of this word it is more pronounced, but even here… did you ever notice that charity case implies a case as in boxing in, enclosing? And not necessarily in a... READ MORE

Liebster Award MYRiPA!

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I am honored to announce that i was nominated for the LIEBSTER AWARD – an award from blogger for bloggers, where the nominated is asked to answer 11 questions posed by the person... READ MORE


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Sweet Octopuss with a big heart and … no brain anymore. Hm, love indeed makes ‘stupid’? Well, even if science and personal experiences might say yes to that, the octopodes won´t care: Having... READ MORE

jumping ‘jane’

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I crafted thes so called ‘jumping Janes’ for an exhibition in March 2014 – the motto was the question around ‘woman, female?’. Occasion was the ‘World Women’s day’, location of the exhibition: VIenna,... READ MORE