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UPCOMiNG Exhibition in Vienna, June 21st – 29th.

PRE-SALE open!s for more info about these powerful, symbolic fish and the SPECIAL OFFER read here!




Why feeding back?

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i would like to highlight the importance of feedback f.e. through commenting on posts, likes on Facebook and sharing and purchasing of course. What i discovered since i started to put my production on air, is real appreciation for feedback to... READ MORE

Liebster Award Nominees

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It is time. Now it is my turn to nominate bloggers who, for some reason, i appreciate and feel they are worth some of your attention. But cutting it short and getting to business:... READ MORE

Rich fish

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I work intuitively when i paint. In this case i just used blue to prepare the canvas, and after letting it sit a bit, i knew this water needed goldfish. I work intuitively, and i... READ MORE

Alice in the woods

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Creativity resides in the second chakra, called Svadhisthana chakra – which means basically ‘the dwelling place of the self’. The second chakra is located just under you navel and above the pubic bone,... READ MORE